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Many children and adults will experience stressful events throughout their life. They may be faced with painful situations which may be difficult and stressful to varying degrees. Some of these experiences may be considered traumatic and can include but are not limited to: exposure to violence or violent threats, in the South African context most likely associated with robberies, hijacking or being held hostage; robbery motor vehicle and other accidents; various forms of abuse; potentially life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer, burns or the sudden death of a partner, parent, sibling or friend.

Almost all children and adults experience serious distress immediately after exposure to a traumatic experience. Some children and adults will return to previous levels of functioning with time and support from family and friends. However other children and adults will experience on going distress that may need treatment as they may develop symptoms (which can include but are not limited to fear, depression, anger, irritability, frequent mood changes, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, avoidance of anything related to the traumatic experience) that can have a significant and long-lasting negative impact on their daily functioning, health and safety as well as their relationships with their family, friends, colleagues or in the case of children teachers.

I provide a short-term treatment approach which incorporates a comprehensive framework for assessing the impact of the traumatic experience or experiences on you or your child’s life and will devise a flexible individualised treatment plan in line with you or child’s current needs and difficulties. The treatment approach I incorporate was developed by leading experts in the field of trauma, and is recognised internationally as a model of evidence-based treatment. What is the evidence base treatment? In simple terms it means using the best researched treatment approach which has shown to be effective in treating a specific difficulty. For further enquires or information feel free to contact me.