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For many individuals the fast pace nature of Johannesburg and the stresses of different aspects of their lives (careers, bosses, financial difficulties, crime, children, spouses, trauma, loss and parents), can start to add up and take its toll. As a result of these, people can experience anxiety, anger, depression, eating disorders, trauma, marital conflict, weight issues and other emotional and relational difficulties. I assist you to understand and master, the ways in which many of these difficulties can affect you.The therapy process is flexible and may be shaped by your unique difficulty and requirements of the process. Generally you will contact me and a session may be scheduled.

In the initial session confidentiality, informed consent and my approach will be discussed with you, and you are welcome to ask questions. You may be given an intake form (for an understanding of your history and a context in which to understand your difficulty). The initial session allows me to gain an understanding of why you came to therapy, but also for you to decide if you feel comfortable and if you wish to continue with further sessions. The duration of therapy can be either short or long term depending on you. The process of therapy is tailored to attend to your unique needs and difficulties. I draw on current theoretical knowledge, established methods of practice and experience, while following ethical practice as outlined by the HPCSA.